Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Facing reality: I don't have the discipline to blog

So it's been about 11 months since I began writing here again in an effort to resuscitate this blog and "catch up" on everything that happened in the six months since my last brief post. Promises, promises. But it was a strong October. Maybe it has to do with the fact that October re-energizes my enthusiasm for life in general...

But, really, I think I just need to come to terms with the fact that I don't have the discipline for a weekly, monthly, or twice a year post. I so admire the bloggers I know who have that discipline (many of whom also hold down jobs and raise children AND take care of homes... I read their weekly updates and think, really, what DO I do all day?)

There's much to be documented though and while I probably can't remember half of it, I am going to try to make a few posts touching on the highlights:

  • I should probably talk more about the baby I had 19 months ago what she's like just so she doesn't look back at this one day and think, "what the hell, all I got was a one sentence mention three months after I was born?" 
  • Andrew had another birthday
  • Philip is about to turn 6, no matter how hard I try to stop it from happening
  • I've been at home full time with the kids for one year already... and still can't keep a blog up to date
  • We are homeschooling this year, which will either be motivation to blog more or another reason to not blog at all
  • A yet-to-be-announced surprise 

There. Maybe now that I have some ideas for future blog posts, I'll follow through on writing them. Maybe. Hopefully. 

But don't hold your breath.