Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Phil's 30th Birthday

Phil turned 30th on March 21st. He was off for his birthday, the lucky dog, and got to spend the day at home with his boys. I had to head out to work that morning so the boys and I gave him his birthday present (a Little Giant ladder he had been coveting for a long time) and cards before I left. Philip was so excited for him to rip into that big box but a little confused and uninterested when he saw what the gift was. LOL. That is, until Phil took it out later to play with it and Philip discovered he could climb on it. Then it was cool again!

The day started off rainy and cloudy but by the time I got home we spent the afternoon it was beautiful out so we spent some time playing outside before heading out to dinner in town at Chili's. Phil and I each got chicken fajitas and the boys shared a chicken crispers kids meal. I love that they can share one meal and have it be plenty! I'll miss that when they're ordering everything off the menu when they're teenagers!

I spared Phil the torture of having strangers sing to him in exchange for going home and having Philip and I sing to him. We had homemade German chocolate cake and ice cream which the boys especially enjoyed.

It was a nice, quiet day at home with our family. I can't believe one of us is now in our 30s (and that my own birthday on 4/21 is less than a month away as a result). We met when we were both 5 years old. Hard to believe that was a quarter of a century ago! :-p

Happy Birthday to darling husband. I'm so looking forward to discovering what our 30s have in store for us together. <3


  1. Happy Birthday to Phil! My own 30th is coming up in July! Eek!

    I love that my kids share a kids meal, too! I watch my sister with her 3 older kids have to pay for 2 kids meals AND an adult meal for them! Crazy!

  2. The thirties are great! Happy birthday to your hubby!