Saturday, February 25, 2012

Valentine's Day

Our family's Valentine's gifts

I'm not big on turning minor holidays into big gift-giving events, but I love Valentine's Day and I think it's a nice excuse to spoil the one(s) you love, just a little. So I did. :)
Ready to rip into their gifts

Very excited to discover the Clifford stuffed animal he had been eyeing at Target

Andrew got Curious George and the Curious George movie with Will Ferrel and Drew Barrymore

The next day was Philip's Valentine's day party at school. Phil was working so I took Andrew to be a part of the festivities. He was so excited to be there and to be included. He loves going to Philip's classroom.
Enjoying a cookie

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One of my three handsome valentines :)

Excited to receive his first valentines from his classmates

Heart art

Getting some guidance from Mrs. Allen

P was the letter of the week!

And of course, P is for Philip! Mrs. Edwards joked with Philip when she saw his picture that now they wouldn't have to pin him on the bulletin board after all. :)

Andrew joined story time. He decided to have another snack while he listened.

Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Allen's Preschool Class