Saturday, October 1, 2011

Philip: Three Years Old

I can't believe how much Philip changed in between his second and third birthdays. It was a big, busy year for him and for all of us. There were so many changes and milestones along the way from two to three. Moving from the crib to a big bed, potty training, preschool, and countless other events, big and small, in between.

Fun things that make Philip uniquely three: He loves wearing his slippers all day long. He has Elmo slippers and Woody cowboy boot slippers that he wears all day long and even sleeps in them. He tries to take every toy he owns to bed with him. He likes to run around the house in his Tigger Halloween costume which he calls the "wonderful Tigger" costume. He still doesn't like getting his hair washed in the tub. He likes to tell us he doesn't like something we give him to eat based on appearance alone, before he's even tasted it. He likes to inform mommy when she's being "bad" and needs a time out (lovely!). He has to give Andrew a big, wet kiss on the lips before Andrew goes to bed. He has to sleep with two of his "buddies" (lovies) at night. He rarely takes his nap without some kind of a protest. He would eat Eggos every morning if we let him. He loves to read books. He can memorize one in only a few readings. Sometimes he'll recite them without even having the book in front of him. He loves to sing songs at preschool. He can recite all of the Lord's Prayer. He's become increasingly confident on the playground. He wants to do the monkey bars by himself ("like Caillou"). He loves Sprout. He loves the Little Mermaid and sleeps with a stuffed Ariel doll at night.He loves to swing more than anything else outside. He asks us every time we drop him off somewhere without us (preschool, church nursery, childcare at the gym), if we're going to come back for him. He always wants to know where Andrew is when he notices he's not around (he's napping). He loves to make cookies and pancakes with daddy. He loves to visit Nettie and Cricket. His Papa is his buddy. He already wants to drive. He's learning how to dress himself and prefers to put his underwear and pants on by himself. He's not a fan of having his teeth flossed. He's fine with wearing a knit hat in 80 degree weather. He loves his Crocs. He has to have socks on at all times lately. He could play in the tub for hours if we let him. When he's excited about something he gets to do he shouts "Best day ever!"

He's growing up too fast.

Here's some Q&A we did this evening.

Philip at Three:

How Old Are You: "Fwee"
Favorite Friend: Elijah
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Number: Three
Favorite Letter: "I"
Favorite Thing to Do with Mommy: Play some games
Favorite Thing to Do with Daddy: Make cookies 
Favorite Thing to Do with Andrew: Play trains 
Favorite Thing to Do Outside: Play with Ian and Elijah
Favorite Thing to Do Inside: Play Football
Favorite Thing to Do At School: Some crafts
Favorite Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Favorite TV Show: Caillou
Favorite Movie: Snow White
Favorite Game: Toy Story Memory
Favorite Song: Sing Along with Elmo "Shout"
Favorite Toy: Woody and Buzz
Favorite Thing to Wear: Pajamas
Favorite Place to Go: Wal-Mart
Favorite Snack: Fruit Snacks
Favorite Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs
Favorite Lunch: Grilled Cheese
Favorite Treat: Chocolate Chip Cookies