Thursday, August 18, 2011

Andrew is One!

Our baby boy celebrated his first birthday yesterday! Where oh where has this year gone?

We spent the day at home just the four of us. Phil came home early from work and was here before Andrew got up from his first nap. We made a spaghetti dinner and had cake for dessert. Andrew loved the cake! He held it in his hand the whole time and kept taking big bites off of it, I think in an effort not to lose any of it!

Philip sang Happy Birthday to Andrew many times during the course of the day. It was a nice, happy day spent at home as a family.

This Saturday is Andrew's big birthday blow out. We're having it outdoors at a nearby park, the same one where we had Philip's first birthday, and many of our family and friends will be there.  It should be a great day!

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet little "Dee-doo!" We love you so!

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