Sunday, July 31, 2011

Myrtle Beach Vacation 2011

Summer is halfway over and I've been seriously lagging in the blogging department. Maybe it's the long, hot, lazy days? We're outdoors more. Bedtimes are later. The last thing I feel like doing once the kids are (finally) both tucked into bed and Phil and I get to have some time to ourselves is get on the computer and blog these days. But that doesn't  mean we haven't been busy!

In June, we spent a (much needed) week in Myrtle Beach visiting Phil's parents. It was Philip's 3rd trip to SC and Andrew's first. It was also nine hours of car ride fun! [sarcasm] Once we finally made it down there, we have a great time relaxing and enjoying our days with the boys at the beach and the pool. Andrew was a natural water baby, as we were expecting, and Philip did better than we had hoped this year in the water. He still has a lot of hesitation and some fear but he did great. Towards the end of the week, he was even wading in up to his waist in the kiddie end of the pool.

The beach was a lot of fun for both boys. Andrew only went once as we learned quickly that he prefers to eat sand rather than play with it and it was just easier for us to engage with Philip without constantly swatting sand out of a balled up baby fist every ten seconds. Philip loved playing in the sand and he had a great time playing with the shovels, buckets, and other sand castle making toys that Uncle Brandon gave to him as a present when we arrived. It was so hot during the day that we'd only take the kids to the pool or the beach before noon or after four which made for a much more enjoyable time for all.

On our second day at the beach, we took Philip to the aquarium for some one-on-one time with mommy and daddy while Andrew stayed at nana and papa's house. Philip had a great time! He especially loved the sharks. Afterwards, we got pizza at the Mellow Mushroom.

While we were at the beach, we took a trip to the boardwalk to check out the new 200 foot tall ferris wheel they just recently built. It features glass-enclosed, air-conditioned gondolas and allows you a great view of the ocean and surrounding beach. I thought for sure Philip would be afraid but he wasn't even nervous. I, on the other hand, threatened Phil with divorce if he tried to swing our gondola!

Phil and I also got a much-needed and enjoyed night out that week We had a great dinner at a Japanese steak house while Phil's parents got the boys off to bed at their place. I always marvel at how great it is to eat dinner without retrieving toys off the floor and wrestling flatware away from a baby!

All together we spent 9 days in Myrtle Beach and thoroughly enjoyed our time away from the daily grind at home.We feel very lucky to have such a great (free!) vacation spot with all of the comforts at home. We hope to get back to SC by the end of the year!

Lunch at a rest stop in N.C.

So excited to finally be at Nana and Papa's house!

Checking out the pond with Papa

Swinging with Nana

Reading a story in the morning with daddy

Fun in the pool

Loved the water!

Passed out after swimming

At the boardwalk

On the ferris wheel

Having fun playing at Nana and Papa's 
The aquarium

At the aquarium with mommy and daddy

Loved sleeping on his air mattress!

First time at the beach

Fishing with Papa

Pajamas and sippies

Loving vacation!