Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Fun

Phil works a rotating schedule which means that he's only off two weekend out of the month. This, I have to admit, is a bummer, and one of the things I like the least about police work. By the time his weekend off rolls around there's so much to do it often feels like there's no time for any fun. This past weekend, we decided to set the to-do list aside and get out of the house for some fun in the sun.

On Saturday we headed to Colonial Beach. We had never been there. Correction, my dad tells me I have been there, but it was over twenty years ago, after we moved to Virginia. So needless to say, I had no memory of it. Pity, because if I had, I might have chosen a different Saturday destination. We drove a long way in the hopes of taking in the beach, doing a little shopping, and getting a bite to eat. Once we got there, we found that pretty much all we would be doing was taking in the beach, what little there was to it. Luckily, Philip didn't mind and it was worth the drive to see the fun he had playing with the pebbles and trying to skip rocks. Hey, at least we got out of the house!

On Sunday, we picked up our own slack a little and got some housework done. Then we headed out to Old House Vineyard where we met our neighbors for some wine and outdoor playtime for the kids. They loved running around the winery's large property!

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