Friday, May 27, 2011

Annual Fireman's Parade

We took the boys to our town's annual fireman parade yesterday. It was hot and crowded but we had been talking it up to Philip and he was excited to see fire trucks so we went. At least, we thought he was excited to see fire trucks.

Andrew, ready for the parade to start already

The excitement is palpable

"Oh crap, this is loud!"

The horror of fire trucks, children passing out candy, and humans in animal costumes got to be too much.

Peeking out from the safety of the stroller

Nope, still too loud.

Andrew, un-phased.

One of the "scary" children gave him a lollipop. He warmed up a little.

Weirdest "float" of the day.

We cut out early because my body was near shutting down due to my awful allergies. I'm not sure what's out there right now but my body seriously doesn't like it. I can't wait for it to pass. I can hardly stand being outside with the kids which makes for pure craziness when we're cooped up inside all day. 

Monday is Memorial Day and Phil is off. Hooray! We are thinking of heading to the lake for the day. It's supposed to be a hot one! 

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  1. Too cute. Luckily at the fourth of July parade my two boys didn't freak out about the noise. I loved him hiding under the stroller.