Friday, May 20, 2011

Andrew is Nine Months Old!

Mobility: He's crawling on all fours at record speed, but not for long. He's also pulling up on furniture and cruising! In the past couple of days, he's made the link between standing and walking and has been pulling himself into a stand and letting go, just to test the waters. 

Food: We started him on snacks he can feed himself in the last couple of weeks. Gerber Graduate Puffs, Crunchies, Yogurt Melts, diced apples and carrots are all a big hit. He also loves to eat bananas in his mesh baby feeder. He's on stage 3 baby foods. Favorites are still fruits, especially bananas, although we've started introducing some meat entrees, too. He's very interested in what we're eating too and watches us carefully at dinner time. I don't think we will have much of a picky eater on our hands this time around!

Sleep: He's sleeping though the night some nights now, other nights he might get up once. We're working on sleep-training, though not consistently. This past month, Phil has been on nights which means I am pretty much a single mom. Now that he's back on days, I'll have back up. He's taking two naps during the day, each an hour a piece at best, though most of the time the second nap is shorter than that. Philip was taking two blissful two hour naps a day at this age. I think about that every time I pick Andrew up from his crib half an hour after putting him down.

Fun: He loves to play with his brother. A favorite "game" is Philip running around the house shrieking and Andrew crawling as fast as he can in the other direction laughing. He has also just started playing peek-a-boo. He likes to stand up behind the lap top when I'm sitting on the couch and peek around the side of it with a sly smile on his face, waiting for me to say "peek-a-boo!" He does this over and over. He also just learned So Big! and will put his arms up in the air when you ask "How big is Andrew?" Another favorite is Patty Cake which Philip likes to play with him. He gets a kick out of any and all attention he gets from his big brother!

Talking: His first babble word was Ma-Ma. Who would have thought! Philip's was Da-Da. Andrew also "says" Ba-Ba, and Da-Da, too. I swear he associates these sounds with us though, more than he just babbles them. When he's upset and wants me he lets loose a serious of "ma-ma-ma-ma's". When he's cranky and hungry it's "ba-ba-ba-ba." He really is a bright kid, just like his brother.

This is my favorite age of babyhood, ages 9 months through 12 months. I love the independence and curiosity of this age and it's so fun to see their little personalities coming through. I wish I could keep Andrew at this stage where he is now for much longer. In three short months I'll no longer have a true baby on him hip. I'm savoring every moment of right now!

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