Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Car!

Well, that tears it. We're officially grown ups. Yesterday we put aside our pride and said goodbye to our youth and bought ourselves a minivan. Nah, I'm just being dramatic. I actually got over the anti-cool factor and started lusting after power sliding doors about five minutes after we left the hospital with Philip. And now, the wait is finally over. We are now the proud owners of a new-to-us, certified pre-owned silver pine mica '09 Toyota Sienna LE. Aahhhhhh. The 8 seater model. You know what that means right? Room for four more kiddos!

*Insert picture of Phil packing his suit case here*

Okay, maybe just one more... or two. ;-)

In any case, it's the ultimate family vehicle and I'm so glad relieved we finally crossed the line from life in the fast lane to life in the car pool lane. They really ought to hand these things out when you leave the hospital along with those diaper bags full of formula samples!

Our Swagger Wagon 


  1. Yay for family friendly vehicles (and potentially more babies!)! I would actually LOVE a mini van, but my husband works for Ford and they don't currently make one. My choices for a new vehicle are probably a Flex or Explorer (the new model)! Enjoy the new wheels!

  2. The Flex looks really cool! My work vehicle is a 2011 Fusion--I love it!