Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Things I Don't Want to Forget"

My mom recently asked me if I was recording the cute things Philip has been saying and doing lately. I've been meaning to start jotting these things down for a while now, but I just never find the time. A fellow blogger's decision to start doing just that has motivated me to periodically record those things here.

Andrew. As trying as life is with him right now, I want to remember the good/funny/precious/heart-warming moments with him long after I've forgotten the sleepless nights and unexplained crying fits.

My favorite thing right now about our sweet baby "Dee-doo" is how much he loves his big brother. Tonight he was sitting on my lap, his eyes trained on Philip as he bounced around the living room in front of us. He watches Philip so intently and with such admiration! He started giggling watching Philip go about his business playing with his toys. Philip noticed and responded by coming up to him, smiling at him and giving him hugs. Andrew got such a kick out of this! He started belly laughing and the two of them were lost in a game of making the other laugh. The very best thing about being a mother for me so far is seeing the love my two boys already have for each other. I can't even put into words how it makes me feel to see the bond they are forming to one another.

Andrew's laugh is a lot like how his brother's was at this age: kind of nasal and high pitched. Only Andrew's is punctuated with brief squeals and inhalations that make him sound more like a dog's squeak toy than a baby! It's hilarious and you can't help but laugh along with him.

Philip. Our little conversationalist. I can't get over how much he's talking these days. He loves learning new words from us and imitating how we express ourselves. His favorite adjectives for describing things are "cool," "cute," and "nice." When he says cute he says it like "cukes." For example, he was talking about his new big foot toy this morning that he got from his Nana and Papa for Christmas. "Big foot cool!" Yes, Philip, Big Foot is cool! "Yeah, and 'cukes!' Big Foot nice, too!"

Concern for others. I guess we frequently ask Philip if he is okay if he coughs because we can't cough even one time now without Philip asking us "Mama okay? Daddy okay?"

Keeping us straight. If Philip detects that Phil and I are "debating" over something or just joking around with each other in a teasing way, he will so helpfully remind us to be kind by saying "Mama, be nice. Daddy, be nice." The other day, Philip was sitting in Phil's lap while Phil was saying something sassy to me and Philip took Phil's face in both of his hands and said "Daddy, be nice." I about died!

Learning to sit unassisted!

Showing off his favorite dinosaur

Philip was trying to get Andrew to clap

Andrew is obsessed with sucking on his hand these days

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  1. You are really blessed. These two babies are so precious! I love you guys!