Monday, January 17, 2011

Andrew: 5 Months Old!

Milestones for this month:

  • Teething! Oh boy, we're in for it now. What started out as a lot of slobber has escalated into a lot of gnawing on teething toys and general crankiness and discomfort. Here's hoping that tooth breaks through soon!
  • Solids. We just started D out on some rice cereal and bananas. He's still not sure what to think but we have a feeling that will change soon. 
  • Rolling. A couple of weeks ago Andrew decided he wanted a change of scenery and rolled himself from his back to his tummy. What an accomplishment! Now he's so into rolling you have to restrain him during a diaper change!
  • Sitting up. He's thisclose to sitting unassisted now. He can tripod for a short amount of time before gravity takes over and he topples. 
  • The beginnings of creeping? This evening he was on our bed on his tummy and he pushed his backside up in the air so he was almost in a pyramid shape. It won't be long before he figures out how to get those feet to do what he wants them to do and then there will be no stopping him!
  • Finally starting to lose some of that baby hair! Not enough of it though... That hair is something else I tell you. Phil insists he's going to need a hair cut before his first birthday. I refuse to put him in the chair prior to one. Should look really interesting at his party. ;-)

Cereal and bananas, most of it worn on his shirt
Playing with Buzz
Impromptu teether
Bored with mommy's photo shoot after dinner
Tricked into smiling!
Playing with daddy
Loves his bouncer!

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  1. He is just so darn cute!! Getting so big, so fast!