Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Trip to the Fire Department

This morning we participated in an trip to the Culpeper County Volunteer Fire Department that was organized by the wonderful mom's group that I belong to. We were given a tour of the department and trucks and a demonstration on how a firefighter gets into his gear. It was a lot of fun and Philip had a great time!

On our way to the fire department 

 Posing on the front of one of the engines

 Not very interested in smiling for mommy!

Gear demonstration

The inside of one of the fire engines

Painted alongside one of the ladders on top of the fire engine

"Jaws of life"

Gear and equipment

Axes and other instruments stowed inside of the fire engine

Various gauges on the truck

Daddy came too even though he was nervous about attending a mom's group get together!

Sitting inside of the fire truck

Philip was so small compared to the big fire truck!

Sitting in the passenger seat of the fire truck

Philip is always more comfortable trying new things if his buddy Elijah tries them too!

Taking a turn at the wheel of the antique fire engine!

On their way to an imaginary fire maybe?

"Don't worry, Elijah, we got this!"

Fire Chief Philip

One last photo op before we left!

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