Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Skyline Drive

On Sunday we made our annual trip to Skyline Drive for a picnic and some scenic views. Friday happened to be my sister Natalie's 26th birthday so we celebrated with KFC and "birthday pie." Natalie and I have fond memories of spending her birthday picnicking in the mountains, climbing trees, and posing for pictures at overlooks, and Phil and I have decided to recreate those special trips for our own children. Last year was Philip's first trip to the mountains. He had just recently begun walking and it was so fun watching him toddle around and inspect all of the leaves around him.

October 2009

There was more fun to be had this year, this time with baby brother in tow!


Same hat from last year!

Relaxing in the mountain air with Daddy!


Mommy and Philip

Aunt Nat and Andrew

Rough housing with Daddy

Favorite pic from the day!

We are so lucky to be so close to such a fabulous destination. Looking forward to many more years of picnicking in the moutains with our boys and hopefully camping and hiking in the near future, too!

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