Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Philip!

Philip turned two years old on September 4th! Despite the fact that we knew ahead of time that Andrew's birth was going to closely precede Philip's second birthday, we knew we wanted to celebrate the occassion just as we would have had we not welcomed a newborn into our family just two and a half weeks prior. So celebrate we did!

Philip had an Elmo-themed birthday party at our house with family, friends, and all the trimmings. Daddy even made him an Elmo cake! Philip was so excited to see it the night before. We weren't going to let him see it until the big reveal the following day but decided at the last minute to let him look at it before bed. He loved it! In hindsight we are so glad we did this because his reaction the following day once was the candle was lit and the cake was set before him was less than stellar!

"Melmo" cake!

He loved his birthday balloons!

Party outfit, complete with Elmo socks!

Great Grandma G. with her two great grandsons

Pushing Elmo away from him and saying "No!" I think the singing and attention really freaked him out!

However he still found Elmo to be delicious!

Aunt Stacia and Andrew

Opening presents

He received two musical cards. They were his favorite "gifts!"

Snuggles with Andrew at bedtime

Best big brother ever!

We love you sweet P!

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