Thursday, July 29, 2010

38 Weeks

Good news at my weekly doctor's appointment this afternoon! My blood pressure has returned to a more normal reading of 120/70, as opposed to last week's reading of 140/90! I had an internal exam and I am possibly about a centimeter dilated, but my cervix is still high and soft. I still have two weeks til my due date, so plenty of time for Mother Nature to step in and do her thing. Provided everything is still looking good by the time I get to my due date, my doctor will allow me to go another week on my own before talking induction with Pitocin (depending on my progress up to that point) or possible repeat C-section (provided there's been little to no progress on my own). After today's uneventful appointment I have renewed hope of having a surgery-free delivery!

As far as progress here on the home front, we are slowly but surely getting things in place to welcome Andrew home. The second baby has been such a different experience from the first as far as preparation goes! I'm sure having a toddler to care for and to distract you from how little time you have left plays a big role in that. At least we have the nursery painted, the crib together, and his bedding purchased. I've washed all of the baby clothes, and I'm putting the finishing touches on my hospital bag. Oh! I've also filled out Andrew's baby book (as much as I can up to this point) and have it tucked into my suit case. Really proud of this since I majorly slacked with Philip's and I'm still playing catch-up filling it in (sorry P!).

In Philip-related news, our almost two-year-old continues to wow us with his increasing vocabulary. He is talking up a storm and will say almost anything if prompted! My favorite thing is when he says "mommy." Must of the time he calls me "mum" which is fine, but he has his whole life to call me mom so I'm really pushing the mommy thing lately. Anyways, Phil will often get him to say "Hi Mommy," and it always comes out "Hi Money!" A-dor-a-ble! It melts my heart every time. He's now stringing two words together to make little sentences and is working on three. His first three-word sentence was "I see you!" So stinkin' cute! I'm going to work on getting some of his words on video this weekend. I don't want to forget a thing from this sweet, special time in his little life.

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