Sunday, May 9, 2010

Budding Lexicon

Philip has made awesome strides in the last few weeks as far as his verbal abilities go. He went from not saying anything, to saying nothing but "No!" all of the time, to saying any (simple) word we coach him to say. He's like a little sponge soaking it all up and is constantly asking us "What's that?!" or "Look at that!"

Here is a new list of words he can either say or try to say:

Eye, Nose, Mouth, Ear (when pointing to his or own or ours)
Mama (!)
One, two, three
Tries to say Lola (our dog)
Down (when Lola jumps up on him)
Pee-pee (a development as of this morning on the changing table, LOL)
He'll also repeat some letters that we point to, like A, B, and C.

He can identify other body parts, too, which he gets a kick out of doing! If you ask him where his butt is he turns around and smacks it. SO funny. He also knows what/where his hair, face, head, hands, cheeks, belly, feet and belly button are.

It amazes me how much he really understands. He can understand simple sentences and commands and actually follows them (most of the time). I'm thinking at this rate he'll be speaking in simple sentences by his second birthday. And to think, just a month ago I was thinking he might never talk!

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