Saturday, March 27, 2010

Boy Oh Boy!

Another sweet little prince is on his way!

Andrew Douglas
To be welcomed into our family around August 13, 2010.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

18 Months Old!

Little P is 18 months old today! Can you believe it? I know I can't. He is at such a fun age now, developing his own little personality and soaking in everything!

He's (finally!) starting to talk! He's always said (or babbled) mama and dada, and for a while he was saying baba, but now he's actually saying honest-to-goodness words! And wouldn't you know it, the first thing to make it out of his mouth was the word no? Of course he uses it when I think he means yes sometimes, but most of the time he really knows what he wants (or doesn't want!). For instance, if you ask him if he wants to go upstairs and go night-night, 9 times out of 10 he'll shake his head and say "No" in his sweet little toddler voice. He's also trying to say yes, but it comes out more like "yeh" right now. It's coming along thought! His other word which he just started saying the other day is "three!" Phil likes to throw him up in the air on the count of three and I guess he's recently made the connection between three and lift off! It's adorable!

He absolutely loves to be read to. He spends infinite amounts of time looking through books and he's endlessly entertained by being read to. He especially likes to point out pictures on the page in order to get the vocabulary for what he sees. He's a big fan of Sesame Street and has quite a few books about the characters. If you ask him where Cookie Monster or Elmo are he'll point them out for you, without fail. He also easily recognizes dogs, cats, and babies, in addition to pictures of himself and of his family members. I'm loving that he enjoys books so much and I hope it's a characteristic that stays with him!

He's also just recently made the connection between someone leaving and waving bye-bye, often unprompted! He'll give hugs and kisses on demand and sometimes just out of the blue which is the sweetest thing and one of the biggest rewards of being a parents. Just yesterday he put his arms up in the air for me to pick him up just so he could lean in for a kiss from Momma. He's definitely Mommy's Little Boy!

Some of Philip's favorite things:

Bath Time

Mommy and Daddy's cell phones

Play dates with his buddy Elijah

Pulling all of his toys and and making the living room look like a toy store blew up

Big silly grins!