Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Baby

Today was a good day.

A couple of cute moments from our rainy Monday at home together:

  • I realized today that I can access Facebook from Phil's XBox. (Finally, a use for the XBox that I can appreciate!) I logged into my account and was viewing photos in my photo album, 99% of which are pictures of Philip. Philip was in love with watching pictures of himself and his mommy and daddy flash across the TV screen. At one point a picture of Philip posed with his stuffed monkey came up on the screen. He pointed at the monkey, and then scanned the room, and then pointed at the actual monkey sitting in the corner, and then pointed at the screen again. So cute! It never ceases to amaze me how smart he is.
  • Later, Philip and I were sitting on the couch together this evening. Well, I was sitting, aka, using my body as a shield to deflect my monkey of a toddler from flying off of the couch while he rolled around on it. Philip had discovered our large bottle of hand sanitizer. He was really interested in it, and I thought he was just picking it up off the end table and putting it back down. I looked closer over his shoulder and realized that he was touching the pump on the top, and then repeatedly rubbing his hands together in an awkward little slapping/rubbing motion. He was "sanitizing" his hands! LOL This is a good sign of things to come, I'm telling you! Can't argue with a baby who values cleanliness. ;-)

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