Friday, November 13, 2009

Halloween + Misc. Pics

It's been a while! Things have been busy around here. Halloween has long since come and gone but I wanted to share a few pictures here.

Carving pumpkins! Philip was not as interested in playing with the "guts" as we thought he would be.

"You can play with that all you want, Mama, I'm still not going to touch it."

"What the heck is that?!"

"You must be new here!"

"Oh, boy! My favorite thing: leaves!"

The best shot we could get of him with the pumpkins. He gets a little weirded out when we put him in outdoor situations. What can I say, he's an indoor baby.

"Oh, it's you again!"

Phil likes mullet wigs. Sorry Steelers fans. Phil's own team is 2-6 at the time of this writing. ;-)

Babies do not like mullet wigs.

Or being posed on the porch next to jack-o-lanterns, apparently.

Ready to trick or treat with neighbors Ian and Elijah! Two of three kids smiling. Not bad!

Elijah graciously "inspected" all of Philip's candy for him.

"Mama, that giraffe won't leave my candy alone!"

Truck rides and Cheerios.


Sharing his Cheerios with Lola.

Look at those tip toes!

Really in need of a toddler chair!

Pumpkin pancakes + Taylor Swift = Dancing in the high chair

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