Sunday, October 18, 2009

No one said there'd be days like this!

Today was one heck of a day for Mr. Philip. I'm not sure what was going on but today was definitely a battle of toddler vs. parents. Philip was on a nap strike during the first half of the day and wasn't all that interested in eating throughout the rest of the day either.

Napping was a battle. Meals were a battle. And bedtime was an experience, to say the least. The day consisted of a lot of crying, foot pounding, flailing, and throwing himself on the floor in a fit of frustration. So there were some laughs today, but mostly a lot of tears. For both of us.

Things got ugly after the second failed attempt at a nap.

Philip was not at all amused that I was taking pictures of him during his rampage.

Headed out on an evening stroll. The only peaceful and happy moment of the day (other than when he finally gave in to a nap).

A smile even! I had forgotten what happy Philip looked like!

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