Saturday, October 17, 2009

First Haircut

Philip had his first hair cut today from his Grandma Nettie. Well, really his first trim. We kept his sweet little baby curls in the back but just tamed his "wings" on the sides, so not as traumatic for mom as his first "real" cut will be when we bridge that gap between baby and big boy.

He did really well today! He didn't exactly sit still but Phil did a good job of keeping him reasonably distracted throughout the haircut so that everything came out even. Hopefully, with the absence of the curls off of the side, he won't get mistaken for a little girl so often!

Checking out the adorable baby in the mirror

How cute is that kiddie cape?

Not cute enough for Philip, apparently!

Telling Grandma Nettie not to take too much off the back

There it goes!

Completely forgetting what's going on

All done! So sophisticated.

Your turn, Mama!

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