Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Philip!

Milestones this month:

  • Walking!!! Philip is a bonafide toddler in every sense of the word. Our big boy took his first real steps this past month and hasn't looked back. He's getting faster and more proficient as his new method of mobility every day and running can't be too far behind. We're so proud of him!
  • First word! Philip has been making the "da-da" sound for months now. While he still says it, I'm not quite sure he's associating it with Phil. However, we're pretty sure he knows "ba-ba" to mean "bottle!" When asked if he'd like his bottle, he often responds by looking at us or looking for the bottle and saying "ba-ba!" The boy is all about his food!
  • Top teeth! As of his first birthday, Philip's tooth count is up to four: two on the bottom and two on the top. His new matching set of chompers come in handy for things like eating Cheerios (a new favorite snack), trying out new and exciting big people food (like pickles!), and biting mommy. Mommy is not so thrilled about this last one and we're working on correcting this naughty behavior. One of Philip's birthday gifts today was super cute book called Teeth Are Not For Biting!
  • Big boy car seat. We purchased a convertible car seat for Philip a couple of weeks ago and he now rides in style in his comfy cozy Graco My Ride 65. Although we miss the ease and convenience of the infant seat, we certainly don't miss lugging that extra heavy seat around with our 20+ pound boy strapped inside of it!
  • Big Boy Baths. Philip has graduated from the baby tub and now splashes up a storm in Mommy and Daddy's big tub. Especially enjoyable for Philip (and frightening for mommy) is standing up and walking around in the tub.
  • Switching it up at naptime. In the past few days, Philip has decided to throw us for a loop at naptime. Sometimes he boycotts his morning nap altogether and takes one big (3 hour!) nap during the afternoon. Sometimes he takes two long naps in the morning and again later in the afternoon. Some days (like today!) he strikes from napping completely! He's definitely becoming a bit less predictable in his sleep schedule. Thankfully, he's still sleeping 10-12 hours straight at night. For which we are very grateful!

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