Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Doctor's Visit

Philip had his 12 month well baby visit with Dr. Hayes this morning. Phil was working the day shift today so Philip and I had to brave the trip alone. The day got off to an eventful start, to say the least, when we left the house in preparation for an 8:30 appointment only to remember once we got on the road that our appointment was in fact at 8:00. I tried calling the office during the entire 30 minute ride to let them know we'd be late only to repeatedly get a busy signal, which never happens as they have an answering service that gets all of the calls. Then we show up 20 minutes after eight o'clock and there are patients waiting outside who can't get in because the doors are locked. A few minutes and much confusion later, we're inside checking in and learn that the phone line had gone out. Thankfully, we didn't have to reschedule our appointment despite being almost half an hour late because of the mishap with the downed phone lines, locked doors, and oblivious receptionist staff at the front desk.

Unluckily for Philip, this meant his appointment would take place as scheduled!

Philip did a great job at the visit and is developing and growing beautifully. He weighs 20 pounds, 14 ounces, and is 30.25 inches tall. Today he received two shots: MMR and another round of pneumococcal. I hate his vaccination visits and normally have Phil stay with him during the shots because I can't stand to see him in pain, let alone have him think that I am content to idly standing by while a stranger inflicts it upon him. He got the first shot in the left thigh and his cheerful, sunny face went from sweet and pleasant to beet red immediately. Then, before he had a chance to exhale the large breath he was inhaling, he got the second shot in the other thigh. Finally the cry broke loose and the tears began to flow. After several minutes of crying, he settled down and resumed his happy munching on Cheerios. We scheduled his 15 month appointment for December 4 when he'll receive the chicken pox vaccine and another round of HIB. This means he has two and half months before his next encounter with the needle, which, hopefully, is just enough to time to forget to be suspicious of nurse Becky and her silver tray.

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