Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Mother's Day

It seems to me that, no matter what the weather may have been doing the day (or weeks) before, Mother's Day is almost always beautiful, and today was no exception! Sunny skies, high 70s, and not a bit of humidity in sight; the weather was perfect. Last year we went to brunch at the Lake of the Woods Clubhouse for Mother's Day and I was honored as a mom-to-be. At the time I was 5 months pregnant. How different things are just 12 months later!

We spent the day visiting with my mom, Stacia, Natalie, and Michael, and later went out to dinner at Red Robin in Massaponnax. Philip was exceptionally sweet and adorable for us today, playing with toys at Grandma's house and taking a nice long nap in the afternoon. Later, he had a ball pounding on the table at Red Robin and generally hamming it up.

Phil got me a beautiful sterling silver heart-shaped locket with the word "Mom" engraved on the front of it to commemorate the special day. How wonderful a gift it is to be a mother! I feel so fortunate to have joined the ranks of this special group of people!

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