Saturday, April 4, 2009

Seven Months Old

What Philip's up to at 7 months old:

  • Thisclose to sitting unassisted. He's got the balance down, he just hasn't figured out how to stop himself from tipping over.
  • No teeth yet! Still drooling like a madman and furiously gnawing on his fingers though.
  • Just starting to scoot on his tummy. He can pull his knees up underneath himself, and sometimes launch himself up into a triangle shape. He just can't figure out how to use his arms to keep himself from planting his face into the floor.
  • His blocked tear duct finally unblocked itself in the past week! No more crusty eye in the morning and one less dreadful procedure to potentially have to endure!
  • His hair is finally getting longer and I'm sure he's going to inherit his Daddy's wavy texture. So cute!
  • Still loves his Jumperoo and loves to jump when we're holding him in our laps.
  • His new favorite thing is playing copy cat with us. He figured out how to cough intentionally and finds it hilarious. If we cough or make a throat clearing sound he'll do it right back, over and over again. This is a new game that never gets old!


  1. Clay does the coughing thing too! He thinks it's hilaaaaaaaaaaarous. LOL

  2. That's so funny! Philip really hams it up when he does it. He straightens up really tall, puts his hands out in front of him and balls his fists up and give the best "aaaaccchhhhuuuuhh!" he can muster. It's the funniest thing!