Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Toys

Phil's 27th birthday is right around the corner and, to celebrate, his parents bought him a new grill this weekend. One side is gas, the other side is charcoal. Supposedly, this baby can handle sixty hamburgers at one time! Not that we'll ever need to cook sixty hamburgers, but it's good to know we could if the need arose... right?

Phil and his man toy.

Grammy and Grandpa, Great Grandma Galayda, and the Depue family came to visit on Sunday and they brought with them an arsenal of toys for little P that could rival the booty found on any Christmas morning. A favorite of Daddy are the new wooden blocks. After Philip went to bed, he built an awesome castle complete with gate for Philip to enjoy in the morning.

"Wow! What a fun castle! What happens when I swing my fists at it?"

Telling Lola to his right: "You don't say a word, dog."

"Cleaning up is not as fun as tearing down!"

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