Sunday, December 28, 2008

Philip's 1st Christmas

Despite having just moved into our new home days earlier, we were able to celebrate Christmas with mom, Natalie, Michael, Aunt Daryl, and Stacia in as merry of an atmosphere as possible thanks to Phil's hard work putting the kitchen in order and digging out our Christmas decorations.

On Christmas Eve we took Philip to our church's candle-lit midnight mass. It was a beautiful service and our sweet little guy slept through the whole thing. We suspect he was anxiously awaiting Santa.

In the morning Philip came downstairs in his Christmas best and opened his presents. He got several small toys and a couple of books, as well as a Baby Einsein DVD for later. We read him The Night Before Christmas and spent the morning listening to Christmas songs.

Later on in the day our family came up to visit us and see our new home. We baked cookies and made a yummy dinner of stuffed peppers and mashed potatoes at home.

Not a bad effort considering we're still living out of boxes!