Thursday, November 13, 2008

2 Months Old!

Philip is now 2 months old! Actually, he's 9 weeks old today. Philip's second month was even more eventful than his first! He has changed so much since he was born, I hardly remember the tiny little baby I brought home! He's right around 10 pounds now. Still a peanut for a 2 month old baby, which I love. I'm enjoying having a tiny little guy so much. He's still fitting in to his newborn clothes and people are so surprised when they ask how old he is and I tell them he's two months old!

His personality is blossoming every day. He smiles now and holds eye contact with you. He's started cooing and I'm sure his first giggle is right around the corner. His favorite game to play with Daddy involves pulling himself up to a sitting and then standing position! He looks so proud of himself standing on his wobbly little legs. He's a strong little boy, and a future athlete for sure, much to his dad's delight!

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